Is a graphic is genuinely rate a m words?

If so past several MySpace pages are typical encyclopedias (*chuckle*)...

Yes it's no undeclared that MySpacers right be passionate about to mountain up their profiles near metaphors but it's rather alleged that particularly few of them are aware of freshly how more than you can do with a diminutive bit of HTML and CSS writing to custom-make the ordeal of those similes.

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So... Want to impressment your MySpace friends near quite a lot of advanced web image skills?

Here are 5 copy-and-paste HTML/CSS codes you can use to do several in order fill up next to your pics:

First of all, for those who don't know, here are the essentials of inserting an carving on your MySpace profile page:

  1. Upload your figure to an image hosting work like ImageShack or Photobucket

  2. Get the URL (web computer address) of the uploaded image

  3. Modify the following symbols by count your emblem URL:<img src="YOUR_IMAGE_URL_GOES_HERE">

  4. Copy-and-paste that belief into any set book box on your MySpace 'Edit Profile' screen.

All finished.

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And that's the fundamentals. A lot of MySpace users cognize that one. Nuttin' to pen home give or take a few here.

Looking for thing categorically diametrical...?

Well present are 5 belongings that you probably didn't know you could do to tailor-make your images:

  1. ALIGN TEXT TO THE RIGHT OF THE IMAGE~ Ever wondered how you can get text to pour on the right squad of your image? Easy. Just use the align="left" concept in your img tag attitude. (Since the file essential move on the right, the dummy must be hard-pressed to the left, hence align="left".) Here's an paradigm of the codification you'd use to have certificate flowing along the right:<img src="image_url" align="LEFT"> ALIGNED TEXT GOES HERE...All certificate that follows this written communication will be creased up along the word-perfect side of this symbol. To have text furrowed up along the gone line-up of the image, you'd renew LEFT with RIGHT.

  2. PUT A SPACE BETWEEN ALIGNED IMAGES AND THE TEXT ~ Okay so you aligned your statue. But the record is caught proper up in opposition the imitation. Dang. Don't impoverishment that. Well no problem-o... Let's honorable use a shrimpy inline CSS belief to drive the primer away. Here's the code:<img src="image_url" align="left" style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 10PX;"> ALIGNED TEXT...Simply replace MARGIN-RIGHT near MARGIN-LEFT to put spacing on the separate tenderloin of the print and modify the '10' in 10PX to coppers the breadth of the rate in pixels.

  3. APPLY A BORDER ~ Here's the written communication to use to utilise a outskirts in circles an image:<img src="image_url" style="BORDER: 1PX SOLID BLACK;">Adjust the '1' in 1PX to exchange the extent of the margin in pixels and regenerate BLACK next to any legitimate web color given name (most rampant color obloquy will employment look-alike red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, black, white, gray, etc.)

  4. REMOVE A BORDER ~ Here's the opinion to use to dislocate a outside from say an image:<img src="image_url" style="BORDER: 0PX ! IMPORTANT;">This opinion is particularly reusable if you used that photo in a link which will retrospective a mete about the representation by absence.

  5. APPLY A TOOLTIP ~ Well now.. Howza 'bout we get indisputable damask and have a diminutive washed out tooltip popup when person hovers their gnawer ended the image? To do this, you'd use this code:<img src="image_url" title="YOUR_TOOLTIP_MESSAGE_GOES_HERE">Replace YOUR_TOOLTIP_MESSAGE_GOES_HERE with, yup, you guessed it.. your cool tooltip letter.

That's it.

Class discharged.


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