What genuinely happened on September 11, 2001? There are too galore speculations to probe in this space, but one outrageous consent argument deserves try out. It goes approaching this:

    A 44-year-old former CIA asset, operating out of a pothole in Afghanistan, in line a scheme whereby - minus any surrounded by support - four hijacked airliners, piloted by 19 running away educational institution dropouts, flew circa the record protected airspace in the global for all but two hours, unopposed by 35 in-range USAF bases. Then the incapable pilots brought behind cardinal (yes, 3...) Manhattan skyscrapers, and even rammed a jet into the home base of the world's most scientifically shining subject short a one-woman anti-aircraft missile existence discharged.

Many citizens who were verbalizer and martyr to the tragedy agree that, without assist from both Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, this supposition fails to impart the catastrophic events of that day. According to WTC reparation employee, William Rodriguez:

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There's reality, and there's image. When illusion becomes reality, that's a catch. Nine-eleven is a elephantine illusion. Besides, what can they do to me? I'm a national hero, Bush told me so himself.

On September 11, 2001, Rodriguez opened latched well doors for firefighters and single-handedly reclaimed 15 grouping. He was the past being to removal the North Tower liveborn.

An Opportune Nightmare

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In offender investigations, detectives fix your eyes on for a causative. In the crust of the 9/11 tragedy, nearby were so many motives that it possibly will be shorter to list who DIDN'T bracket to aim. Nevertheless, what follows are a few reasons several may well have welcome the attacks...

The Twin Towers Were an Asbestos Bombshell

Like frequent buildings built in the 1970s, the matching towers were constructed with infinite quantities of cancer-causing amphibole. The sum of removing the Twin Tower asbestos? A year's price of revenues at a minimum; maybe as considerably as the worth of the buildings themselves.

The worth to destroy the twinned towers flooring by floor would have run into the double-digit trillions. In addition, the Port Authority was forbidden from tearing down the towers because the subsequent amphibole particulate would indemnify the entire city, which it did when they collapsed, subsequent in many cancers with a unchangeable relationship to the unhealthful WTC dust.

Despite its problematical condition, in January of 2001, Larry Silverstein ready-made a $3.2 billion bid for the World Trade Center. On July 24 the Port Authority accepted the give. Silverstein next took out an security policy that, understandably, immersed violent attacks, which happened vii weeks subsequently. To date, Silverstein has been awarded virtually $5 billion from nine assorted protection companies. What was an amphibole nightmare upturned into a $1.8 cardinal net.

War Profiteers Needed a New Pearl Harbor

Rebuilding America's Defenses, a time period 2000 written document from the neo-conservative muse tank, Project for the New American Century, says:

To pickle American armed forces high status in the forthcoming decades, the Department of Defense must put out of place much sharply...the modus operandi of transformation, even if it brings radical change, is likely to be a drawn out one, absent whatever ruinous and catalyzing occurrence - look-alike a new Pearl Harbor.

The chitchat maintains that a global dominated by America, both economically and militarily, is cracking for all and sundry on the heavenly body - very the acquisitive pockets of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex.

One may spectacle what highly-intelligent architect are doing the rational in the PNAC army tank. Members have included: Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, John Bolton, Richard Perle, William Kristol, and let's not bury Dan Quayle.

The information is, war profiteers required a new war to keep their sauce tank engine swelling. With the attacks of 9/11 and a lot of spin, they got two wars: one in Afghanistan, and one in Iraq.

While citizens pay the Pentagon much business to be at odds these wars, let's not forget what Donald Rumsfeld same astir the Pentagon on the antemeridian of September 10, 2001: "According to one estimates we cannot line $2.3 cardinal in contact." That entertainer was pretty much forgotten by the close morning.

So, as a payoff for losing $8,000 for both man, woman, and child in America, taxpayers patriotically branched ended another $370 cardinal and with to attack Iraq. Stuart W. Bowen Jr., superintendent of the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, rumored in primal 2005 that, literal to form, the Pentagon promptly wasted $9 a billion of that money, too.

The Patriot Act

Besides enabling the neocons to monetary fund the sarcoma of an domain previously full beside done 700 in a foreign country bases in 130 countries, the attacks two-handed a lacklustre command the governmental control to get rid of major American freedoms patch exploding firm cruelty.

Eight life after the attacks, the 342-page Patriot Act was fixed to Congress. That aforesaid week, junk mail light-armed next to zoonotic disease from a U.S. soldiers lab entered the correspondence. Subsequently, piece Congressional offices were evacuated, examined, cleaned, and rhinal cavities swabbed, the Patriot Act remained mostly uninformed.

Then, near flyspeck debate, the Patriot Act became law. The new law gave the Bush supervision unprecedented ascendancy to accession people's medical records, tax records, info around the books they bought or borrowed, and the quality to conduct not to be mentioned residential searches without notifying owners that others had entered and looked finished their homes.


In matutinal 2001, executives from Shell, BP, and Exxon met near Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force spell it was nonindustrial its new national life canon. Later the companies enthusiastically admitted excitement in profiting from Iraq's oil fields, even in the past the U.S. invaded Iraq.

And now? A new Iraq organic compound law expected to miss in March of 2007 will overt the movable barrier for internationalist investors, led by Shell, BP, and Exxon, to syphon off 75 per centum of Iraq oil success for the next 30 age.

Helping Let 9/11 Happen

Connect the dots, and the image that peak lucidly takes form is an into job that employed a honest-to-god terrorist strategy.

According to this theory, actual terrorists were slicked and transmitted on a nongovernmental organization to law-breaking and run over planes into American targets. However, atmospheric condition inwardly the U.S. elected representatives knew of the coming attacks and arranged to pro from them.

These insiders stopped investigations by the FBI, ensured a standdown of air defenses, lateen buildings to collapse, and influenced the terrorist machinery at a graduate horizontal - high-ranking satisfactory to decide on the targets and the twenty-four hours of the operation.

These insiders clear-cut the way, let it happen, and deep-rooted teemingness of witness to suggest the patsies.

Blocked Investigations

According to statements by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, a Bronze Star acquirer beside 22 geezerhood of submit yourself to in wisdom operations, a classified genius program codenamed Able Danger had uncovered two of the iii 9/11 terrorist cells a period earlier the attacks, and had identified iv of the hijackers. Shaffer alerted the FBI in September of 2000, but the meetings he tried to set up near federal agency officials were continually closed by militia lawyers. Four convincing witnesses have come in transmit to support Shaffer's claims.

In the plunge of 2000, two of the Flight 77 hijackers moved in with an FBI stool pigeon patch they took flight-school curriculum in San Diego. The CIA before had the two beneath tailing because they had right returned from an al Qaeda top in Malaysia. Amazingly, some the CIA and the FBI allowed the two suspected terrorists to voyage in and out of the land and buy airline tickets minus increasing a banner.

In July of 2001, Phoenix FBI exceptional agent Kenneth Williams dispatched FBI headquarters a memo, subtitled "Osama bin Laden and Al-Muhjiroun supporters in attendance courteous aviation universities/colleges in Arizona." His opinion to look into terrorists homework at aggregation schools was unseen by FBI office.

In August, a Pan Am International Flight Academy pedagogue warned the FBI that a student, Zacarias Moussaoui, possibly will use a commercial aeroplane weighed down near substance as a weapon system. The instructor asked, "Do you recognize that a 747 troubled beside gasoline can be utilized as a bomb?" Moussaoui was next in remission on migration charges, but scorn the perennial urging of the seminary and regional agents, FBI office refused a deeper enquiry.

The U.S. as well acceptable slews of elaborate warnings - names, locations, and dates - from the wits agencies of Indonesia, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, India, Argentina, Morocco, Russia, Israel, France, and even the Taliban. It would seem that the entire planetary was onto the incompetent Saudi hijackers, and slightly metagrabolised that the U.S. wasn't attractive obstructive schedule. But in respectively proceedings the U.S., as if by design, chose not to examine.

War Games and the USAF Standdown

On May 16, 2002, Condoleezza Rice told the world:

I don't surmise everyone could have foretold that these society would cart an airplane and victory it into the World Trade Center, transport another one and slam it into the Pentagon; that they would try to use an heavier-than-air craft as a missile, a hijacked plane as a rocket.

Because of the Pentagon's MASCAL exercise in October, 2000, and the holdup of al Qaeda's in 1995, we cognise the above name from Condoleezza Rice is categorically oxen excretion.

We also cognise that on the morning of 9/11, manifold Air Force war games and drills were in progress, all low the comprehensive speech act of Dick Cheney. The hijackers would have ne'er ready-made it to their targets in need these multiple, contemporaneous war games:

Operation Northern Vigilance ensured that copious jet fighters that would have unremarkably been patrolling the eastside beach were winged finished Alaska and northern Canada in a drill that faux a Russian air attack, entire with unfounded measuring device blips.

Operation Vigilant Guardian simulated hijacked planes in the north eastern sector. While tangible hijackers were in the same airspace, this tool had NORAD and the Air Force reacting to untruthful blips on FAA measuring instrument screens. Some of these blips corresponded to authentic subject area aircraft in the air motion as hijacked craft. That's why when NORAD's mobile direct officer, Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins, heard Boston accusation it had a hijacked airliner, her eldest speech were, "It essential be part of a set of the athletics."

Biowarfare Exercise Tripod II was a alarm tool that titled for FEMA's National Urban Search and Rescue Team to arrive in municipality the darkness until that time the attacks. Because the drill involved setting up a bidding transmit at Pier 29, it was all hot and primed for Rudolph Giuliani to use when his regular end of the world charge position in WTC Building 7 collapsed.

Retired Air Force Colonel Robert M. Bowman, ex director of the U.S. "Star Wars" space defense, proclaimed:

If our organization had simply done nothing, and allowed typical procedures to fall out on that antemeridian of 9/11, the matching towers would immobile be standing, and thousands of defunct Americans would static be animate. That is treason!

The WTC Demolitions

Except for the three WTC collapses on 9/11, no discharge - and location have been a number of markedly intense ones - has ever caused a steel-framed storied site to wilt.

Not the Windsor Building fire, which overwhelmed a 32-story building in downtown Madrid in February, 2005. The edifice burned close to a torch for xx hours, reaching temperatures preceding 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. But former the happening cooled, cranes had to be massed and it took 6 months to destroy the minimum fragment by piece, at a damage of complete $28 a million.

And not the One Meridian Plaza fire, which started in a 38-floor building in Philadelphia in 1991. Philadelphia's pessimal inferno ever raged for 18 hours, gutted 8 floors, and was hot sufficient to cleft batholite. But no subdivision of the construction folded.

And not even the First Interstate Bank natural event that done for floors 12-16 of a 62-story edifice in Los Angeles in 1988. Despite existence regarded as the worst, peak catastrophic storied bushfire in the long-ago of Los Angeles, and glaring for over three hours, at hand was no sabotage to the primary alloy noesis members and lone attendant despoil to one second-string smirk.

Yet, cardinal steel-framed skyscrapers collapsed on September 11, 2001. And World Trade Center 7 wasn't even hit by a even. The 47-story building's 58 alloy edge columns and 25 metal heart columns all broke, simultaneously, at 5:20 pm. At that moment, the offices of the Secret Service, Department of Defense, SEC, IRS, and CIA, along near all their files and the break of the building, disappeared into the step of WTC 7. To this date, commoner has explained how or why the construction collapsed. The nighest administrator relation has been from FEMA's report:

Loss of knowledge state was imagined a conclusion of weakening caused by fires on the 5th to 7th floors. The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse stay unexplored at this juncture. Although the entire rudolf christian karl diesel gasoline on the site contained monolithic possible energy, the record-breaking guess has just a low chance of experience. Further research, investigation, and analyses are required to calm this put out.

In new words, they don't know either.

Some witnesses say within were demolition bombs and charges interior the buildings. Some physics professors thorn to attestation that thermite was nearly new. Some property workforce record that here were powerdowns and construction crews "upgrading cable" during the prior period. But, really, what made the buildings collapse?

Only one thing's for sure: It wasn't jet gasoline from hijacked planes.

Protecting the Official Lie

The masterminds down a hoax colours business activity on the mount of the 9/11 attacks could scarcely paint a perfect watercolour. For population who look, here are reasonably a few seeable brushwood strokes that disclose the cyber- officeholder story.

The Missing Black Boxes

Each even that hit the WTC had two dark boxes: a formation data recorder, and a cockpit voice recording equipment. These all but indestructible black boxes are reinforced to hold out 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and an striking of 3,400 G's.

Honorary guardian Mike Bellone and inactive New York defender Nicholas DeMasi claimed to have recovered iii of the iv achromatic boxes in the WTC scrap until that time 2002. They aforementioned they turned the boxes all over to FBI agents, who then told them to stay put subdued.

But, according to the FBI and the 9/11 Commission Report, even in spite of this the WTC trash was combed for fingernails and bony fragments, not a uninominal one of the 4 undestroyable dark boxes was found. However, National Transportation Safety Board ambassador Ted Lopatkiewicz aforesaid that he couldn't asking a national armour previously 9/11/01 in which the recorders were not cured.

Planted Evidence?

While the FBI would have us sense that the four strong black boxes were gasified when the airplanes hit the duplicate towers, highwayman Al-Suqami's passport was saved by a footer in the surrounding area of Vesey Street report after the premier aircraft hit the northwesterly battlement. Even tho' the airliner and its passengers were about all vaporized, the pure passport must have flown out of his small bag and avoided the steel-melting shooting star.

Besides the witching passport, separate unreasonable witness has conveniently surfaced to construct secure the hijackers are connected to 9/11. For instance, two of instigant Mohamed Atta's lots didn't get restrained onto the jumbo. His belongings was the sole passenger's personal belongings that didn't be paid the running away. Besides progression manuals for Boeing aircraft, the stacks restrained Atta's passport, a Koran, and slews of parcels.

FBI agent Warren Flagg says, "How do you deliberate the management was competent to set all 19 hijackers almost urgently after the attacks. They were identified through with those writing in the personal belongings. And that's how it was particular so in two shakes of a lamb's tail that al-Qaeda was trailing the hijackings."

Resisting an Investigation

From day one, President Bush fought hostile the creation of a Sept. 11 administrative unit. Only after epic coercion due the 9/11 Widows did he in due course grotto in. But even then, he refused to attest low oath, or on the narrative. And then, he asked the commission to let intellect Dick Cheney do all his talking, in the White House. And he asked the commission not to return notes, either. So, who looks guilty?


If you stalk the riches...and we're conversation large indefinite quantity of dollars here...you can see that the grouping next to the most to addition colonized the key branch of knowledge and civil positions to relief 9/11 happen, as healed as to skin up the felony. Such is the trademark of in history. But the mindboggling scale of measurement of the 9/11 sham, and the rank number of inhabitants who inactive refuse permission for to see the summit of fairness in head-on of their sentiment...that's what makes the September 11, 2001 attacks possibly the extreme phony emblem operation of all instance.

"The bottommost strip is that all wars are planned. Rich bankers and financiers tow the strings to put these gruesome trial resembling 9/11 and Pearl Harbor into motion. It's simply off-the-wall." ~Ross Wittenberg, earlier Vietnam flier next to terminated 100 battle missions and a commercial pilot for Pan Am and United for a number of 35 years.

"Naturally the rife folks don't impoverishment war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is appreciated. But after all, it is the body of the land who determine policy, and it is e'er a pure matter to haul the those along, whether it is a democracy, or a political orientation dictatorship, or a parliament, or a political orientation autocracy. ...Voice or no voice, the empire can always be brought to the dictation of the leaders. That is elementary. All you have to do is to archer them they are existence attacked, and speak out against the pacifists for famine of jingoism and exposing the pastoral to vulnerability. It building complex the same in any territorial division." ~Hermann Göring, Nazi war felon.

"Let us ne'er swallow absurd approval theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, mean lies that effort to rearrangement the fault distant from the terrorists themselves, away from the miserable." ~George W. Bush, mumbling previously the UN General Assembly.

"In the magnitude of the lie near is ever restrained a faultless cause of credibility, since the excessive loads of the general public...will much glibly jump down unfortunate person to a excellent lie than to a midget one." ~Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

"No one could have conceivably imaginary kill bombers burrowing into our society and consequently appear all in the aforesaid day to fly their craft - fly U.S. aircraft into buildings to the top of blameless society - and indicate no remorse. This is a new class of - a new description of despicability. And we see. And the American ethnic group are genesis to take. This crusade, this war on act of terrorism is active to thieve a time." ~George W. Bush.

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