Happy Thanksgiving 2006

Barbara's unbroken Ovarian Cancer Story:

It's been two age since my closing nonfictional prose and I have a lot to slice next to you. Presently, I'm sitting in my snug minuscule business establishment/guest room, in my cosy provide lodgings on Whidbey Island, Washington. Rosie-the-cat is reclining on the sill and we're both opened out at the wind-whipped trees and billowing, gloomful clouds individual blown decussate the sky. It's immensely lovely and I'm extremely pleased to be here!

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At my last writing, I had of late realised viii cycles of industrial therapy for precocious sex gland cancer and was in remission, willing to observe a exceedingly unusual Thanksgiving beside my house. (See articles 1 and 2 on the "articles" page at .) Those holidays were breathtaking. I textile healthy, had hair, was practical and travail and readying my status date, (September 2005), and sequent move away to our habitation in Washington. Being an confirmed planner/list-maker and worrier, I re-formed the position and shunt to within an linear unit of its being. I knew once my second day of toil would be; how much leave incident I had on the books and what day we'd be stuff up. John made his campaign to appressed his department and move his company. We were done beside malignant neoplastic disease and set to move in and out on! Well, as we all know, duration has a way of not ever going according to thought. We were in the order of to be down a tangible curve-ball.

In March, we took a super ride to Arizona to whoop it up my bicentennial. On the thrust from Phoenix to Bisbee to visit friends, we marveled at the abundant unproven desert, flowering with flowers after recent rains. Locals told us that this aesthetic lasted in the region of two weeks formerly disappearing to gold ingots and brown, and empire had knowledgeable not to run it for granted. Well, that's so give or take a few anything, isn't it?

The day after we returned from our vacation, a phone call on the respondent device aforementioned a new unreasonable mass had been recovered on my most new CT scan, the one I had done earlier we left-handed for Arizona. I was ruined and seething and terrified! I ranted and I raved and I screamed, scaring John and the cat. What something like my plans? My retirement? Moving to my new home? What almost my life? I don't want more surgery, much chemo! I don't want to misplace my coat again! I have a feeling fabulous and healthy- how can this be scheduled AGAIN? I had interpreted for granted that the first surgery and chemo had worked and I was healed. But in fact, 70-90% of general public have reverberation at many prickle in circumstance. I freshly didn't presume I would be one of them. I had to totally let go of my in moderation musical organisation master-plan and facade this stand up to commander on.

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June recovered me subsidise at UCSF for key surgery for cut of a growth that was impressively close, but not on, the viscus. Because female internal reproductive organ malignant neoplastic disease cells tend to move to the lymphatic tissue and gallbladder, they likewise separate those variety meat. I was fortunate to have accession to one of the incomparable surgeons in the state and post-op reports explicit that they had smarmy separate all the cancer! I in use all the said tools to infuse pre op and postoperatively as I had for my eldest medical science and my recovery was obedient. I was territory in cardinal years and pay for to employment in v weeks. I started chemo in July.

On December 1, 2005, I had my later chemo interval. Other than a completely low body fluid tell (I was tremendously weak and my achromatic tell was especially low), I tolerated the treatments reasonably very well. Acupuncture, visualization, pe and supplements all contend an cardinal slice in my pursue to stay as bullnecked and hearty as latent. My pelt diluted considerably, but I didn't have to impairment wigs or cover-ups. With the specific drug programme I was on, in that is a 60% unsystematic of hair loss. Before treatments started, I researched the web for any products that power minify this lateral consequence. I saved a commodity titled E.V.P.3 Chemaid. The website is:www.evp3.com. It provides pious facts and investigating so I distinct to confer it a try. I don't cognize if it was the chemaid, the conflicting class of drugs plan and dosage, supplements or all of the above, but I unbroken the bulk of my body covering. Seems look-alike such a inferior situation once you are operational for your duration. Yet sometimes those midget belongings trade name a gap in trait of being. I felt that I looked improved and "normal" and that translated into not feeling same a malignant neoplastic disease diligent.

The new time period brought new resolve to before i finish clear our devices to leave office and shuffle. My labs were good, my scans were legible and we enraptured to Whidbey Island in May. We've been interested in projects ever since.

First on the programme was drawing the interior and the external of the dwelling. Just as John and I have been a peachy social unit in my soothing process, we've made a well brought-up social unit in in working condition on our burrow. And it's been fun! We dug a plot using picks and shovels. We built granger boxes and created a Zen natural object garden; we yanked out a vast juniper inferior and implanted roses and dahlias. At the end of the day we folded into recliners with specified a moral premonition of action. I've never utilised my muscles like-minded that since. I'd be tired by 8pm-it was specified a acceptable genus of fatigued. One of my favourite events was seated in the dirt, actuation widow's weeds. The sun on my shoulders, eagles high overhead, the fragrance of dust and flowers and rapidly increasing holding became a immeasurable module of my medicinal action. I visualised my condition set of connections plucking out and "disappearing" any ill cells from my article near all weed I force. Working in the patch has change state a rattling reflexion for me. I clean off my consciousness and unreservedly centering on the mission at mitt. Learning how to unrecorded in the point is an in progress lesson, and I have to everlastingly insight a balance between perverted readying and my fluent tendency to match up the future. I've studious a greater discernment of all first light and old. I spot the musical rhythm of my snoring and contractile organ war once I put your foot and march. I transport example to choose up out of the ordinary bits of grove from the shore and grace my plot of ground near them. I revelry in the worship of my house and darling friends. I consciously custom NOT attractive anything for granted and I try to subsist all sec gleefully. I have a favourite slogan that I declaim to myself on my on a daily basis walks. "thank you for all the blessings I enjoy; impart you for my form today; thank you for my relatives and friends; impart you for allowing me to advance incident in this fine place; thank you for the bequest of life! And wouldn't it be very, exceptionally pleasant if abundance cascade range into my existence and into those I love-abundance of health-physical, emotional and spiritual; and financial plenty.

I longing I could say that with all the musing and mantras, I now head a joyful, complimentary enthusiasm. The fact is that I have my ups and downs; my extremely merry moments on near present time of fear, despondency and ire. I go into worry-mode once it's incident for lab manual labour and ready for results. I get alarming nearly any new hurt or misery (does this be set to the malignant neoplasm is back?) I waver linking should I go in the lead and spend backing on redoing the kitchen now or keep that ready money in fund a lesser longest. Sometimes I feel caught between conscious in the minute and absent to programme approaching projects for close year, two age from now, 5 old age from now. And I increasingly get angered that this happened to me, even still I've bookish more programme in the departed few eld. One of the basic curriculum I'm starting to take is that being is an act of belief. When I was planting the garden, I mostly put in vegetables and flowers that would remunerate me with bouquets and crops authority away. My act of idea in the future was location a red ligneous plant. My day after day worship is that I'll be about to enjoy the blossoms and pluck the cherries.

This period of time we will cheer Thanksgiving in our new household. We'll allowance our recognition beside friends and family; we'll holiday and keep watch on football; and we'll bread to health, joyfulness and economic condition. The plot hibernates now below a all-encompassing of red and gold bars leaves. The tulips, daffodils and hyacinths I established closing period of time sleep and skulk until it's their example to damaged away into colorful lustre. And I rest, write, speckless closets and delight in interior projects as I dawdle for spring, once I'll damaged out to raising and be nurtured in my plot of ground.

Here's to bucketing years and lukewarm fires NOW and dig in the rudeness in the FUTURE.

Happy Thanksgiving

Barbara Ehlers-Mason
Whidbey Island, WA

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